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Email Security and Archiving

Email Security and Archiving

As the medium of financial transaction increases, so is the risk of financial fraud. Malware and exploits almost always mutate each invented financial transaction system and immediately take advantage of customers before even the transaction method is completely tested.

Cybercrime has become a very lucrative business in the era of multi-channel financial transaction. It is now well known that cyber fraud is a multi billion industry, with different exploitation scheme coming out on daily basis. Unfortunately, usual fraud prevention schemes that try to prevent frauds based on attack signatures and heuristics does not work in the current environment.

At ElGene, we offer Defence-in-Depth to our customers , a multi-layered fraud prevention solution that protects both the bank as an institution and its customers.

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Objects, idea, ideal, issues, action pattern or characteristics are based on values


Valeus are qualites which are worth striving forand which are regarding as virtous and moraly right


Values are organizing principles, they provide guidance and security